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i cannot bear to think about the handing in of the
i really can't keep up with anything

and for some reason i'm writing a comic instead of a play
this is my worst problem at the moment so everything is fine in heaven

no good with deadlines <<< work on this
i hate that i KEEP PUNKING OUT on things that would be beneficial to my future self.  it's such a silly problem - i feel this weird compulsion to keep faulting myself to make my struggle a bit more credible because it feels TOO EASY like it's one big joke.

take the punch     line

because i'm reading oswald spengler for fun
and wore a napkin as an accessory
went to class with the remnants of yesterday's mountain basking

tomorrow and the day after that
backing out [or is it in?]

figure drawing is best inspired by porn

the nails on my dominant hand grow quicker in summer

****i am trying to comment on peopleses entires but lj isn't letting me ?
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